APS president Rick Benett speaking at the opening award ceremony for APS 2015.

APS 2015 was a roaring success for the QBElab!

Neil began the meeting with a Saturday afternoon workshop focusing on using multivariate statistics in R (for more information, look here). The workshop was well attended, with the room practically full to bursting. Neil and Paul Esker talked about different methods for multivariate statistics, including principle coordinates analysis, principle components analysis, and hierarchical clustering. They demonstrated how to use these analyses to explore relationships within your data that may not be obvious. The workshop was really well organized, with well commented code and a useful explanation of when to use the different sorts of analyses.

On Sunday, Kari presented her work on Grapevine Leafroll Associated Virus epidemiology in the North Coast region of California. Kari looked at aggregation of infected plants, and used her analyses of virus presence at different planting booms to support the need for clean plant propagation programs.

On Monday, Robin presented his work on the epidemiology and control of spinach downy mildew in the Salinas Valley. Robin looked at spore trap and disease data from the valley to correlate conducive weather conditions. Robin also discussed several different avenues of research into controlling the disease, as well as how disease affects supply and demand patterns in the crop.

On Tuesday, Christophe presented his research on the spatial and temporal dynamics of angular leaf spot of strawberry, caused by Xanthomonas fragariae. Christophe has worked closely with strawberry nurseries around the state to track disease progression and spread within fields. His findings suggest that the disease is highly aggregated, and likely spreads within-row.