8/12/16Robin Choudhury gave his exit seminar! You can watch it here


7/16/16 – Former QBE-lab member Carrie Teiken had her first child, Lyle (potential future epidemiologist?) Congrats Carrie!


7/15/16Neil talks to programmers at the Apps for Ag Hackathon about modeling Citrus HLB.


7/12/16Neil is talking to the Paso Robles Viticulture Technology group about cooperative virus management.

7/9/16Michael Levy gave a talk at the UseR! 2016 meeting about teaching R.  You can find the full video here.


6/16/16Brianna McGuire was listed as one of the University of California 30 under 30 for the Global Food Initiative for her work with Foodfully! Congrats Brianna!


5/17/16Neil spoke to the California Senate Agriculture Committee on the threat of Citrus HLB. You can find the full video here (search for 5/17/16, senate ag. committee hearing).



4/11/16 – 5/23/16Albert Ling of the Malaysian Cocoa Board is visiting to work with Neil on his predictive models for Cocoa Pod Borer and Black Pod Rot disease.

Robin, Christophe, Neil, Albert, Kari, and Brianna

Robin, Christophe, Neil, Albert, Kari, and Brianna

3/15/16Neil is presenting spinach downy mildew work at the annual Leafy Greens Research Board meeting in Coalinga, CA

3/7/16 – Lab meeting to introduce new members and catch up on new and continuing projects


2/22/16Neil gave a seminar for the PLP department entitled “Applications of information theory in plant disease epidemiology” and met with graduate students over lunch afterwards.

1/21/16Carrie Teiken has graduated from QBElab and has moved to Washington DC for a position with USAID. Congratulations Carrie!

Carrie and Neil

12/18/15Kari passed her qualifying exam!

12/1-2/2015Neil is talking about citrus HLB in Visalia, Bakersfield, and Ventura.

10/21/2015Brianna McGuire will be celebrated on 10/27/15 at the UC Davis Big Bang! Kickoff Celebration. Congrats Brianna!

9/7-11/2015Michael Levy is leading an R Bootcamp for UC Davis grad students, covering popular packages like {dplyr}, {tidyr}, and {ggplot2}.

9/7-11/2015Kari Arnold is presenting some of her PhD work at the 18th Congress of the ICVG in Turkey! Good luck Kari!

9/2/2015Carrie Teiken in the news!

8/21/2015Dr. Gregory Reynolds gave his exit seminar and became the first UC Davis QBElab PhD! Congratulations Greg!

Greg exit Seminar

8/10/2015 – QBElab welcomes new visiting post-doc Luciane Bertoletti, who will be working on grape disease epidemiology.

8/6-7/2015 – QBElab hosts Dr. Emerson del Ponte of the Universidade Federal de Vicosa in Brasil.

8/1-5/2015Christophe, Kari, and Robin gave oral presentations at the APS 2015 national meeting in Pasadena, CA.

8/1/2015Neil is giving his workshop today on Multivariate Statistics in R. Find out more about it here

6/29/2015Robin is presenting some of his spinach phyllosphere research at the Phytobiomes conference in Washington D.C.

6/24/2015Carrie Teiken was awarded a $10,000 scholarship for her work on HLB by Annie’s Organics!

5/22/2015Carrie Teiken passed her qualifying exam! Congratulations Carrie!

5/14-16/2015Neil is leading a conference on ‘Enhancing risk index-driven decision tools for managing insect transmitted plant pathogens’ in Asilomar, CA

3/20/2015 – Check out which conferences the members of QBE lab are attending this summer! Upcoming conferences.

3/16/2015 – Upcoming events. Neil is talking about innovation in extension at the National Viticulture Extension Leadershp Conference in Lodi, CA, on 3/26/2015. On 3/27/2015 he is running a workshop on IPM impact assessment at the International IPM Symposium in Salt Lake City, UT. From 3/28/2015 to 4/7/2015 he’ll be part of an international team teaching a graduate summer school on plant disease epidemiology in Raipur, India.

3/6/2015Neil was awarded tenure by UC Davis and became the Plant Pathology Department’s most recent Associate Professor.

2/24/2015Robin received the I. E. Melhus award and will present his graduate work on the epidemiology of spinach downy mildew at the 2015 APS Annual meeting in Pasadena, CA.

2/9-13/2015Neil and Carrie are at the International Research Conference on HLB (IRCHLB) in Orlando, Florida where Neil is the keynote speaker.

10/19/2014 – Two new graduate student researchers will be joining QBE Lab this Fall. Jennifer Reed is a first year student in the Graduate Group for Epidemiology. Jenny will be working on the long term dynamics of disease and human behavior, particularly cooperation and coordination issues.  Michael (Mike) Levy is a second year graduate student in the Center for Environmental Policy & Behavior. Mike will be working on a collaborative UC ANR project between QBE Lab and Mark Lubell, Director of CEPB.

10/19/2014 – QBE Lab and the Gilbertson lab have been awarded a CDFA Specialty Crop Block Grant to develop a rapid in-field diagnostic test for GRBaV.

8/9-13/2014Christophe, Greg and Neil are presenting their work at the 2014 APS National meeting in Minneapolis, MN.

7/8-11/2014Robin will be presenting a portion of his PhD work at the 2014 APS Pacific Division meeting in Bozeman, MT.

5/19/2014Robin and Neil have published a portion of Robin’s Master’s work in Phytopathologia Mediterranea. You can find the article here. Congratulations Robin!

5/8/2014Neil and Carrie will be part of a new project with USDA-ARS in Florida and Rothamsted Research (UK) looking at impact of public opinion and behavior on effectiveness of exotic plant disease eradication programs.

4/11/2014Kari passed her Master’s exam!

3/18/2014Neil is talking about spinach downy mildew and TSWV in lettuce at the annual leafy greens research board meeting in Coalinga

2/14/2014Neil is talking about Beet Curly Top Virus in Fresno

2/5/2014Neil is talking about Asian Citrus Psyllid/HLB at a workshop in Davis: http://bit.ly/1ewIpaI 

2/4/2014 – The Center for Environmental Policy & Behavior and QBE Lab have been awarded a UC ANR research grant to study sustainable knowledge networks in California agriculture.

1/8-17/2014 – Neil McRoberts is in Uganda with Lee Pearson surveying coffee growers about coffee wilt

11/22/2013 – Robin Choudhury has passed his qualifying exam! Congratulations Robin!

9/10/2013 –  Welcome to new QBEhead Christophe Gigot! Christophe will be working on Angular Leaf Spot in Strawberry

9/1/2013 – Our own Greg Reynolds has been chosen as the graduate student president for the Department of Plant Pathology

8/10-14/2013 –  AJKariNeil, and Robin all presented their work at the annual 2013 APS National meeting in Austin, Texas

3/20/2013 – Our own Greg Reynolds passed his qualifying exam! Congratulations Greg!

2/27/2013 – Liberia 2

Carrie Teiken was on the cover of the UC Davis webpage!

11/3-27/2012- AJ is working abroad in Uganda as part of the Trellis fund from UC Davis. Have a safe trip!

9/1/2012 – Kari Arnold has been elected the graduate student president of the Department of Plant Pathology!

8/4-8/2012- Greg, Kari, Neil, and Robin will be presenting posters of their work at the 2012 APS National meeting in Providence, Rhode Island

6/27-29/2012- Robin will be presenting some of his work on modeling uncertainty in grape powdery mildew epidemiology at the APS Pacific Division 2012 meeting in Sacramento, CA

3/1/2012-Welcome New QBEers!

Robin Choudhury will be joining QBE lab in the Fall to work on spinach downy mildew on salad spinach in the Salinas Valley. Robin is currently finishing his masters in Doug Gubler‘s lab working on powdery mildew of grapevine

Carrie Teiken will be joining QBE lab in the fall working on the sociological factors that affect citrus huanglongbing

Rosalie Carnam will be joining QBE lab in the fall in conjunction with Dave Rizzo’s lab. Rosie will be working on the effects of fire on forest recovery in California

2/16/2012- Neil reported on the first year of the leafroll disease project on Feb 14th at the Wine and Winegrape Research meeting at UC Davis.  A more detailed update on the prospects for area-wide management and feedback to participants in the Leafroll Social Learning project (http://ucanr.org/sites/leafrollsociallearningproject/) will be presented at the Sustainable Vineyard Practices meeting in Yountville on Feb 28th.  For more information about that meeting contact Sonya DeLuce ( sdeluca@napagrowers.org) or Monica Cooper ( http://ucanr.org/?facultyid=4979).

8/6-10/2011- Greg and Neil present work at the national American Phytopathological Society (APS) meeting in Honolulu, HI.

5/2/2011- Kari Arnold will be joining QBE in June to work on a project studying the spread and economic impact of leafroll disease in California grape industries.  Kari’s project is a collaboration between QBE and Deborah Golino, director of Foundation Plant Services at UC Davis.

5/2/2011- AJ Campbell will be joining the lab in the Fall to work on development of integrated disease control practices for virus diseases of tomato crops in California and west Africa.  AJ’s project is a collaboration between QBE and the Gilbertson lab at UC Davis.

10/7/2010- Greg Reynolds has joined QBE to pursue graduate studies on host fitness and SAR in the Monterey Pine/ pitch canker pathosystem.  The project is a collaboration between QBE and the Gordon Lab

5/17/2010-QBE Lab Starts! – QBE will be up and running in Davis as of June 14th