Downy mildew is the most damaging disease in the California spinach industry, an important component of the salad vegetable industry centered in the Salinas Valley.  Work in QBE is aimed at developing sustainable disease management strategies.  Our initial field research is focused on developing a quantitative air-borne inoculum detection system based on DNA markers.

New disease management tactics are  deployed within an existing production system.  Often such systems are highly constrained by, for example, financial limits or because they are part of  larger production enterprises.

Since these constraints can significantly impact on the suitability and probable success of new disease management practices, we are carrying out participative research with growers and processors to understand the dynamics of the system into which new control tactics will be placed.


Cooperating Personnel:

UC Davis: Robin ChoudhuryNeil McRoberts, and Krishna Subbarao

UCANR: Steve Koike

USDA ARS: Steve Klosterman