This page is connected with a chapter in the second edition of Exercises in Plant Disease Epidemiology.  Various files connected with simple epidemiology simulation games are available for downloading from this page.  If you have never played this sort of game before, we suggest you start by downloading and playing the simple game.  The Game_grids file contains empty “fields” for playing the game with two different patterns of initial infections.  The instructions for the Simple_Epidemiology Game  version of the game are also available.  The remaining games add different types of complication to the simple game.  Most of these were created by graduate students in the Plant Pathology department at UC Davis.  You are free to download and use the material from this site but if you adapt or use it for your research or in classes please acknowledge the original authors.
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Crown Gall game.  This game was developed by Laura Costadone, Christina Islas, Mike O’Leary and Julia Stover.  The game is designed to model the spread of crown gall in walnut groves.  With this example the emphasis is on capturing known features of a specific pathosystem rather than exploring a generic concept.  Crown Gall Game Instructions and Grid.


P. infestans/tomato.  The authors in this case are Kamyar Aram, Heather Mehl, Nilesh Maharaj and Viviana Perez.  As with the crown gall example, this game is intended to explore a specific example (late blight spread in processing tomato).  This game is interesting because it includes disease management and financial considerations as well as simulating disease spread.  Two files are needed to play this game: the P. infestans instructions and the associated Game Grid.


SAR/mixtures.  This game was invented by Allison Ferry, Cristina Pisani and (Rosa) Juliana Gil.  The game explores two epidemiological concepts: the effect of mixtures of host resistance and the effect of systemic acquired resistance (SAR) on disease spread.  Successful completion of this game requires attention to detail, but gives a good impression of the complexity which this simple simulation format can include.  You will need the SAR instructions and the associated Game Grid.


Non-persistent viruses.  Zsofia Kiss, Nafeesa Mahmood and Tomas Melgarejo-Gutierrez developed this game.  It includes a pathogen latent period and stochastic effects of weather variables on dispersal.  In addition to the Virus Vector Instructions for this game you will need the random number table and the Game Grid from the simple game.